Christmas angels made by Grans several years ago are for sale for $5 each at the home of Bunty Swanson.  Click here for photos.

Thanks to those who have already paid their $10 membership fee for 2017-18.  If you have not, please mail a cheque to Bunty Swanson, 990 Tilley St., North Bay, ON P1B 5A6 or drop by (please call first - 705-474-4044) with your cheque or cash for membership, to buy angels, or pick up business cards (photo on left) to advertise North Bay Grans. 

Click here for more information about membership or send an email to northbaygrans@gmail.com. You can also call Bunty at 705-474-4044.

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North Bay Grans filled the room we reserved at Guildo and Arlene’s on November 17 and participated in a lively discussion that generated many additional fundraising suggestions.  A number of Grans in attendance volunteered to do more research into the feasibility of some of these suggestions or volunteered to take a lead role in making the arrangements.  We do not anticipate taking on all of the projects listed below.  That will depend on finding suitable venues and volunteers to take lead roles.

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Here are the suggestions:

  1. Welsh Men’s Choir, date not as yet decided.  This event is being organized by Brenda Robertson.
  2. Walks again in North Bay and Callander.  Cher Harvey and her helpers and Marilyn Brady are prepared to organize additional walks.  Cher’s document on the website will help you organize a walk if you would like to do so.  The two walks in May and September raised over $3500.
  3. Tea at Marina Point on May 28.  The plan was originally to partner with Dionne Home group, which would then receive half the profits, but we are awaiting input from Marina Point residents. Marina Point would provide tea and coffee and the Grans, baking.  Admission would be a free-will donation.  Possibilities suggested for music at the tea include the Chorale Society and/or North Bay Symphony members (Anne Lawson will check if this is possible), Anne Bell playing 100-year-old tunes at the piano,  women’s hand drums or African drums arranged through the Multicultural Centre (Marjorie Meister will investigate), and Hidden Collectives and/or the ukulele group (Mary Ann Jones and Bunty Swanson will check this out.
  4. The downtown market as an occasional venue for Grans to sell “treasures” their children do not want. Bunty Swanson will investigate.
  5. A chili sale and maybe competition by Grans open to the public with chili served in pottery, hopefully donated.  The Discovery Museum or St. Andrew’s Church are possible venues. Heli Vail will contact Keith Campbell of the Pottery Guild.
  6. Film night, possibly of National Film Board old movies.  The North Bay Public Library, White Water Gallery, Motherhouse, Discovery Museum or Emmanuel United Church were suggested as possible venues.  This project needs a volunteer to take the lead.
  7. Grandmothers’ Day providing demos of skills for grandmothers to enrich the lives of their grandchildren.  We could possibly pay for a venue by selling tables to business with goods to sell grandmothers for their grandchildren. A suitable venue would be Discovery Museum or perhaps a church.  Diane Steward volunteered to check out the possibility of using the museum.  We would charge an entrance fee.
  8. Vintage objets d’art and paintings for sale - items we may have in abundance in our homes, items that our children do not want.  This was suggested by Mary Ann Jones.
  9. A monster winter boot sale in a parking lot or in an indoor venue.  This was suggested by Marion Wheeler.
  10. A jewellery exchange like the one that raised funds for charity by the Living Fit Group was suggested.  We would donate the costume jewellery we don’t wear.  Those participating would pay $5 for the privilege of selecting two or three items.  This exchange could be combined with one of the other fundraisers.

Please send us your reactions.  Perhaps you know of more suitable venues than those suggested.  Or perhaps you would like to volunteer for one or more projects.  Or maybe you were not at the meeting but have a great idea you want to share.  

As your suggestions come in, we will revise the list and keep you informed.

North Bay Grandmothers for Africa

The North Bay Grandmothers for Africa is a chapter of Grandmothers to Grandmothers of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Our mission is twofold:

To raise awareness and engage Canadians in the struggle to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa

To raise funds to support the projects of African grandmothers in their struggle to care for their orphaned grandchildren.  


In September 2008, a small group of friends founded our chapter and introduced it to the public with the help of Marianne Beer of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Since then North Bay Grandmothers have raised over $61,890 for Grandmothers for Africa.  Click on the Fund Raising tab above for details.

Below are thank-you notes North Bay Grandmothers received in August 2017 from the Grandmothers Campaign Team and from Regional Director Asmita Persaud for our 2015 fundraising efforts:

In May 2010 we sponsored Suzanne Brooks, a local grandmother, as one of 40 Canadian grandmothers at the First African Grandmothers Conference in Swaziland.  To view some of Suzanne's photos click here.

Suzanne will be making a presentation of her recent (2015) trip to Uganda representing Canadian Grandmothers at the May 25 fashion show. 

You can find more information about the Grandmothers event in Uganda by visiting the fall 2015 edition of Grassroots.  Go to stephenlewis.org. There you can sign up for your own copy of Grassroots.



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