Fundraising Walks

Members from the North Bay Chapter of the Grandmothers for Africa are holding individual neighbourhood walks during the month of May. If you would like to organize a walk for your neighbourhood, below is a blank form that you can use. We can also provide you with donation envelops and a flyer about the Grandmothers for Africa group.  If you would like to join a walk or make just make a contribution, please contact Heli Vail at or call 705-474-8227. 


The Stephen Lewis Foundation  - Grandmothers for Africa Fundraiser

The AIDS epidemic has left millions of children orphaned by AIDS. Without hesitation or complaint, Africa’s grandmothers have stepped in to care for them. In fact, in many countries throughout southern Africa, it is estimated that between 40-60% of orphans live in grandmother-headed households. After burying their own adult children, they take on the responsibility of caring for their grieving grandchildren, often with little to no support and while coping with their own deteriorating health. 

Yet through all this, African grandmothers have risen to become the linchpin of survival for their families and communities: they have become activists and advocates pushing for theirs and their grandchildren’s rights and protection; they are becoming small business owners in order to earn a living for their families. 

Grandmothers are now recognized as community experts and agents of change by governments and international aid agencies. They nurture, feed and put their grandchildren into school. They work to educate their grandchildren about HIV prevention care and treatment, tend to the sick in their communities, help the recently bereaved, set up support groups, harvest the crops, and advocate for women’s rights.

Individuals from the North Bay Chapter of Grandmothers for Africa are organizing neighbourhood walks to raise funds. You are invited to join me,      for a 30 or 60 minute (your choice) neighbourhood walk on                     . The starting point is          . Water will be provided.

You can contribute to this worthwhile cause on the day of the event. Cash, cheque or credit card (Visa, Amex or MasterCard) will be accepted. Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. The Stephen Lewis Foundations will mail tax receipts to you. 

If you have questions or are unable to join me, but would still like to contribute, please contact