Fundraising from June 2018 to Present

A series of walks in the spring of 2018 and in the spring and fall of 2017 organized by several North Bay Grans raised substantial amounts for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Cher Harvey raised $725 on her June 10, neighbourhood walk.  Heli Vail and Cher also organized walks on May 13 and 24, 2017, (photo on the left) and raised $986.  One in Callander on September 27, 2017, (photo on the right below) raised $570.  If you are interested in organizing a walk, check out the document prepared by Heli Vail.  Click here.

IMG 6260image3

Grans sold all the tickets for the October 11, 2018, chili lunch and raised $1854.91. Our three organizers, Anna Petruzella, Heli Vail, and Bunty Swanson, are pictured in the second photo on the right. The North Bay Nugget article about our fundraiser was written and submitted by Anna.

Chili Lunch posterEIMG_3574_DSC1198IMG_3759